Everything is Just Beginning by Erin Bartels

I really enjoyed this novel. It was the 90’s, the music, and a man’s point of view and life before cell phones and computers took off. I also really loved how different of a character Pinky was. Michael isn’t sure where his next step in life as he can’t go much further down. Having the same name as his uncle and that being the root cause of all his uncle’s upheaval, Michael doesn’t have any drive anymore and life is just kind of there. Taking a chance at attending a party that his uncle was invited to (but they have the same name so it could have been for him, right?) and that one decision changes his life. Michael has quite a few lessons to learn about life, but this is just the person and place he needed to make him turn his life around and realize his potential. I loved how the author wove these characters together and the storyline was great. I also really enjoyed the bonus content, which you’ll need to read the novel to find out about this hidden goodie!  

Thank you to the author for having me on the launch team and to Revell for the free novel.

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