An Ememy Like Me by Teri M. Brown

I enjoyed the different point of view this historical novel was written in. A lot of historical’s are written from the main characters of the war or that events point of view, and this one integrated the view of the family and children back home. How life was different, the changes they had to make for their loved one being sent off and how it affect the child for the rest of his life. Over the last century, many men in the families have gone off to war and each generation from that was affected but that is not usually talked about. Jacob the first-born American for his family struggles with signing up to go to war. How can he just leave his family behind and everything he has worked for so far? But having saw how many before him have now gone off to fight, and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Jacob finally feels it is time and with that there is a lot of upheaval but he knows he is doing the right thing. Life changes not only him, but his wife and son and the after affects of his having served reverberates for decades after as they try to become a normal family after the war has ended.

Thank you to the author for sending me a free ebook of this novel. I look forward to more historical novels from her.

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Teri M. Brown’s Other Novel that I highly recommend as well. Book Bub descrpiton below.

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