The Nesting Dolls by Alina Adams

This was a very interesting read following three generations of women in a family. Daria who survived the war, and a camp. Natasha who had better opportunities and not the war hanging over her head, but was not allowed to advance her studies or school as she wanted because she was Jewish. Her career and […]

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Final Girls by Riley Sager

I don’t know why I didn’t read this book sooner! I was always intrigued by the cover, and title. A very well written first novel for Mr. Sager. I cannot wait to get my hands on his other three that are out, with book five coming out next summer and that one sounds good as […]

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The German Client by Bruno Morchio

Personal Review: Bacci Pagano is minding his own business in a hospital, waiting for news of his girlfriends condition, when a German man approaches him for hire. Kurt Hessen doesn’t have much time left, as he is dying from a terminal illness. What does he want to hire Bacci for? To research a supposedly half-sibling […]

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Rhapsody by Mitchell James Kaplan #coverreveal #blogtour

Rhapsody By Mitchell James Kaplan Publication Date: March 2, 2021 Gallery Books Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook; 352 pages Genre: Biographical/Literary/Historical One evening in 1924, Katharine “Kay” Swift-the restless but loyal society wife of wealthy banker James Warburg and a serious pianist who longs for recognition-attends a concert. The piece: Rhapsody in Blue. The composer: a brilliant, […]

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