The Notebooks of Honora Gorman by Linda Mahkovec

This was a fun read! I enjoyed the little stories that the main character wrote throughout the novel, as well as how the author wrote her character. I could totally relate to the character and her train of thoughts. One idea, leads to another and to another and soon you are down the rabbit hole […]

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The Italian Girls by Debbie Rix

These women really did so much to help win the war, it really is amazing! Every WWII novel I read, I learn something new and interesting fact of things that happened that no one knew about until after. The risks these women took and that they didn’t think twice about putting their lives on the […]

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Meriden Park by Julie Daines

This one sounds so good! A dangerous romance, forest of secrets, and murder! I love a good mystery wrapped in historical fiction. Peek inside with the excerpt below. Excerpt:     Mary lowered her eyes as she walked along the great hall filled with portraits of stern- looking men all frowning down upon her. Angrezi sahib—English gentlemen. She need […]

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