Sunburst by Susan May Warren

I really love these series, where each book is the storyline of a different family member than the last. This novel focuses on the son Ranger Kingston. Ranger is one of three boys, a set of triplets and his life focus has always been a Navy SEAL. He has lived and breathed this life until […]

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Life Flight by Lynette Eason

This was a very fast paced suspense read for me. EMS helicopter Penny Carlton has a patient on board that needs to get to a hospital but the helicopter isn’t going to make it, so she has to make a quick decision to land in the next open area and that’s on top of a […]

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Sunrise by Susan May Warren

I love reading about Alaska and this is one to add to that pile. Dodge is back home after this father had a close accident on his last flight. Having left home with lots of loose ends he is unsure about being back, but he has beat himself up over the last few years and […]

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