My Mother’s Secret by Alina Adams

Another very well written historical novel that I learned a lot from. I had never heard of Birobidzhan and the concept of trying to create a Jewish autonomous region during the brink of WWII. This novel follows Regina as a young impressionable adult in Moscow, fearing for her life she heads for refuge to Birobidzhan […]

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The Portraitist by Susanne Dunlap

This was another great historical read by Susanne. This novel follows Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, a woman who did not live her life as she was expected to as a female in the 1700’s. This was a time when women were property of men and you did not go against your husbands wishes, commands or beliefs but […]

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Ashton Hall by Lauren Belfer

I love reading about these old historic houses and the secrets they have kept for decades and centuries! Hannah and her very curious son Nicky head to Ashton Hall for the summer. This will give time for Hannah to decide where she wants her life to go. Having been betrayed by her husband and feeling […]

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