A Letter in the Wall by Eileen Brill

This novel follows Joan through the decades of her life, born in 1915 she saw a lot of changes in the United States. War, Spanish Flu, prohibition, Great Depression, WWII, the changes of women in the workforce, and yet another war in Vietnam. Women, families and the workforce had many changes because of these historical events and Joan was one to get what she wanted in life.

Joan is very much a character that you have a love, hate, and sometimes feel you have a bit of an understanding of. This was before postpartum depression really started to be understood and ok for women, as well as women being at the forefront the workforce let alone a company. But Joan was not one to be told no, or that she couldn’t do something and this often caused Joan to make hasty decisions regarding her life. Not one to be told what to do, often she did not heed advise or suggestions from her children and this played into lots of things in her life.

Having had a few marriages and a few children, Joan often had the envy of others but soon she would want more or want different and the husbands and the kids typically ended up hurt in the end. Joan at times meant well but it did not come across that way, she was seen as someone who would do what it took to get what she wanted and in the end none of that mattered.

I like that this character lived through a lot of the big historical events in the last century in the US and that it was based somewhat on a true person. Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite and the author for the free novel.

Release Date: May 24,2022

About The Book

It’s 1971, and Joan fears her former business partner wants her dead—but she’s more upset about being disrespected than scared of dying. Joan, who was born

into a wealthy Philadelphia Quaker family in 1915,reflects on the circumstances that led to her predicament in this fascinating novel that spans from the 1918 influenza pandemic to Prohibition to Vietnam.

Throughout the book, Joan challenges the norms of women at the time, often resulting in self-destructive tendencies. Ultimately, she must face her past and the decisions she has made to become the woman she wants to be.

About The Author

Eileen Grace Brill is a painter, writer, and Sign Language Interpreter who grew

up outside of Philadelphia and graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a B.S. in

Economics. She has written professionally for the restaurant, hotel, and

commercial real estate industries. A Letter in the Wall is her first novel.https://www.eileenbrill.com/

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EileenBrillAuthor/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/eileengracebrill

Book Blurbs

“This well-crafted story captures the life of an emotionally wounded, often calculating woman in her search for self-worth, respect, and fulfillment. It is a page turner not to be missed.”—Judith Teitelman, award-winning author of Guesthouse for Ganesha

“A fascinating story about a relatable character that reminds us of the ways in which women’s choices are shaped either by the expectations placed upon them or their rebellion against those expectations.”—Jessica Levine, author of The Geometry of Love, a Top 10 Women’s Fiction Title in Booklist Nothing Forgotten, Winner of Next Generation Indie Book Award

“Told with a tender nod to the days of the past, A Letter in the Wall is a story of a young woman’s journey toward independence and empowerment. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this poignant debut by Eileen Brill.” —Nicole Meier, author of The Second Chance Supper Club

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