The Truth of Who You Are by Sheila Myers

I learned a lot from this novel- such an interesting read! Ben Taylor and his family for generations have lived in the Taylor Valley, a part of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. They have learned to live off the land, have learned it secrets and respect it. The Great Depression hits and even though they always have been trying to make sends meet, things get even more tight with the Taylor family. Ben’s father finds work in town when he can and Ben gets given an opportunity he cannot pass up to to help protect their forest that’s been cut down and quickly dwindling away by lumber tycoons who see nothing but profits. The US Civilian Conservation Corps comes in to try and help protect what is happening to the Great Smoky Mountains and Ben’s knowledge proves valuable to them. He is helping his family survive with his pay as well as protecting the place he grew up when WWII breaks out and they are now needed to right for their country.

I really enjoy reading about the history of this area of the US and had no idea about the UCCC. It is interesting to read about how families survived during the Great Depressions and Wars. Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite and to the author for the free novel.

Release Date: April 28, 2022

About The Book

When his family is plunged into poverty during the Great Depression, Ben Taylor takes a job with the US Civilian Conservation Corps developing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A tragic accident puts him in a dilemma: does he let someone else take the fall for what he did so he can keep his position? The repercussions of his decision plague him all the way to the Battle of the Bulge in World War II where Ben is reunited with an old friend from his time with the Corps. Inspired by actual events and the people who once lived in the Smoky Mountains before it became a National Park, this saga explores how people use stories to hide uncomfortable truths.

About The Author

Sheila Myers is an award-winning author and college professor in Upstate New York.  Her penchant for research and meanderings through the wilderness, lakes, mountains and vistas (and the occasional trip to a cemetery) in the U.S. and abroad, inspire her novels and short stories.

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Book Blurbs

The Truth of Who You Are is a sweeping family saga full of love, heartbreak, hard times, and the sustaining power of family. -M.K. Tod, author of Paris In Ruins

Myers crafts a coming-of-age saga of both a young man fighting to keep his family intact and of the entire Great Smoky Mountains region. She captures the spirit of the Civilian Conservation Corps, its rejuvenating impact on the landscape, and its transformative influence on the young men who served.  -Robert T. Hilliard author of  A Season on the Allegheny

It’s an emotional tale of loyalty and family told through the eyes of a country boy with a big heart. Myers uses emotional stakes and lively historical details to take us on an adventure through America’s turbulent 20th Century.  -Kerry Chaput, author of Daughter of the King

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