A Deep Divide by Kimberley Woodhouse ~ Secrets of the Canyon Book One

This was an interesting read, as I had no idea about the Harvey Girls, or the El Tovar Hotel in Arizona. I now have this on my travel bucket list, along with the Grand Canyon of course! Emma Grace has had a bit of a tumultuous childhood, and she is still uneasy and looking over her shoulder five years later, after she took off from her father.

Only out for greed, her father was willing to “sell” her to the highest bidder for marriage before she turned 18, and to foil his plan she decided to take off with hardly any possessions and just enough jewels to sell along the way and has been running and hiding since. This continued movement has brought her to the latest offering as a Harvey Girl, the El Tovar Hotel. This hotel will be serving the rich, and elite. This is not a position to just anyone can complete, and there are very strict rules to go with this placement.

Emma Grace feels she might finally have found a place to let her guard down a bit and settle down for a bit. But soon word gets around that someone is looking for an Emma Grace who works as a Harvey Girl and she gets some letters slid under her door. Has she been sought out, and can she endure taking off again. This feels like it’s the closest anyone has been to finding her, and she has been so careful.

There is just so much more to this story, but I don’t want to give any spoilers or more away. You have to read this novel, the author did an amazing job at winding in various storylines and characters that all weave nicely through the story as it all unfolds. I want to thank the author for the free book, I really enjoyed Emma Grace’s story and look forward to the others in this series.

~ Goodreads – About the Author ~

Kimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than twenty-five books. A lover of history and research, she often gets sucked into the past and then her husband has to lure her out with chocolate and the promise of eighteen holes on the golf course. She loves music, kayaking, and her family. Her books have been awarded the Carol Award, Holt Medallion, Reader’s Choice Award, Selah Award, Spur Award, and others. A popular speaker/teacher, she’s shared with over 1,000,000 people at more than twenty-five hundred venues across the country. Married to the love of her life for three decades, she lives and writes in the Poconos where she’s traded in her hat of “craziest mom” for “coolest grandma.”

Kimberley Woodhouse

www.kimberleywoodhouse.com www.facebook.com/KimberleyWoodhouseAu…

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