Dream Stalker by Nancy Gardner

Lily’s world falls apart, and a mothers worse nightmare happens. Her daughter is being accused of murder. Kitty a good friend of hers committed suicide, but before she did- she left a key and cryptic message with Lily. Her daughter Sarah was one of the last ones to be with Kitty before she did this, but Sarah has struggles with drugs and alcohol herself- so she sometimes cannot be reliable.

While Lily is on the search for figuring out Kitty’s message, an enemy per-say is found dead and Sarah is arrested for it. Lily knows something isn’t right, but they said her cell phone was found by the body. So what is really going on? Lily knows that Sarah would do anything to help Ann, but she would not go so far as to murder someone. The police start to wonder why Lily is showing up at all of these scenes and continuously connected to these people.

It seems someone wants to stop Lily and Ann from searching for the truth, and Lily knows she is the one who holds the power to be able to find the truth. She needs to do what she promised her sister she wouldn’t do again, a dream walk. This is how she can find out the truth of what Sarah did the night of the murder, and who might be the real culprit. But Lily knows where are risks involved, and what happened last time she did this.

This was a quick read and for those who read borderline paranormal and witch stories- this was a believable story, and did not dabble in the sci-fi world at all. I enjoyed this book and would look forward to reading other novels by this author. Thank you to the author for the free book, and Cozy Mystery Review Crew for the invite.

~ Goodreads – About the Author ~

Novelist Nancy Gardner enjoys writing cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist. The first novel in her new series, Dream Stalker, tells the story of Lily Scott, a modern Salem witch, who walks into other people’s dreams to fight crime. One reviewer called it a gripping tale of witchcraft, family loyalties, and the cost of seeking justice.

Her short fiction has appeared in magazines, e-zines, and anthologies. Her most recent short story, “Death’s Door,” was selected to be included in the 2021 anthology, Malice Domestic 16: Mystery Most Diabolical. Her short stories feature two homeless women who are always ready to come to the rescue of those in trouble.

This New England native lives near Boston with her writer husband, David. She’d be delighted if you visit her website and sign up for her newsletter. Subscribers receive the free short story, “Smoke and Mirrors.”

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