What Remains True by Nancy Naigle

I love Nancy’s novels for when I want a good heartfelt, cozy read! Merry Anna has decided to attempt to start her life over. To try and live easier and to be happy and do things as she wants. Having been raised in the family business, that is all she knew. Work, work, work and […]

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Heirlooms by Sandra Byrd

This was a really good heartfelt novel! I loved all the references to the flowers and their meanings as well as learning about the Korean cultures, beliefs and different sayings. Told through two time lines, this follows grandmothers and granddaughters as they grow and learn the meaning of their lives. Helen and Eunhee are navy […]

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The Orphan House by Ann Bennett

Connie and Evie Burroughs were raised alongside many other children, her father ran what was known as The Orphan House. They never turned anyone away, and often her father found homes for the numerous babies left on their doorsteps. How a mother could do this, Connie had always questioned. It was a tough upbringing and […]

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Dream Stalker by Nancy Gardner

Lily’s world falls apart, and a mothers worse nightmare happens. Her daughter is being accused of murder. Kitty a good friend of hers committed suicide, but before she did- she left a key and cryptic message with Lily. Her daughter Sarah was one of the last ones to be with Kitty before she did this, […]

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