Layover by David Bell

Joshua feel stuck in life. He is not really sure if he wants to be with his girlfriend Renee or where things are with her really. He has a good job, but he is sick of always flying. Everyday, all day. This airport, that airport. This commercial real-estate spiel to this person, and to that person. But it is his dad’s company and doesn’t know how he would tell him he wants to do something different.

His life gets completely upended when he meets a mysterious, beautiful woman in one of the hotel bar restaurants while waiting for yet another flight. She has this allure that he just can’t explain. They exchange some small talk, she goes to the bathroom for a few moments, comes back- kisses him full on the lips and then leaves. Promising he will never see her again.

Just who is this woman? Why is she so mysterious and what is going on? He cannot let it go, he decides he is going to try and find her. He doesn’t need to head to yet another job, his dad is there after all, he was kind of the closer. His dad doesn’t really need him. He finds the flight she’s on and books a ticket.

Once on the plane, he approaches her and she acts like they’ve never met. Has no idea who he is, denies her name is Morgan, or that person and then calls for a flight attendant to remove him from the area, as he is bothering her. What the hell? Who is she really? Now he has a mystery on his hands, and mulls this over the whole flight to a city he never meant to head towards.

He chases Morgan from place to place, and city to city to find out what her deal is. What she is running from, or who. Can he find the truth of who she is, and what her deal is or will she always be like a ghost in the wind. Taunting him with a phone call here and there?

I’ll be honest, I flew threw the first third of this novel quite quickly and then I feel like it just fell. It fell flat, and was not anything like his other novels. I personally didn’t feel it had that twist, or didn’t see that coming storyline and I almost feel like the end was kind of dragged out, and then that was it. I was quite disappointed, as I have read and loved all of his other books.

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