Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire (A Broken Minds Thriller)

Psychologist Bryce Davison is not quite sure where life is taking him right now. Him and his wife are on a “break”, although sharing Max, the beagle and he is supposed to be a role-model to his patients and the other psychologists he manages, yet he feels like his life is losing control and that someone is out to get him.

First it was the slight smell of perfume. Maybe he had made it up in the dream, he as asleep. But is smelled so real. Maybe he was being paranoid. Then a pair of underwear are left on his car and he has gotten strange emails and phone calls. He is becoming more and more paranoid and is now eyeing everyone as a suspect.

There are some new arrivals to his ward, and she seems to be trouble. Although, often they just need to find the right psychiatrist to connect with to open the communication line. She freaks out when doing nothing, and goes mute. Albeit, she seems to be ok opening up to Bryce. He is not sure why, but he cannot deal with this right now although patients need to come first.

Things are getting more and more strange for him at home, and he is now fearful for his life. His wife thinks he has gone off his rocker, and his co-workers are seeing that he is a bit jumpy. Even though the police have now been involved with some of the incident’s of this “stalker” he still doesn’t feel safe.

This new patient is still being difficult, and talking in riddles. He knows she is keeping something dark a secret, but this is what they need to help her. She doesn’t want to talk about but knows she needs to, but is terrified. Something or someone has scared her into being mute about something that happened. The idea to do hypnosis is brought up, and she agrees to this. What harm can come out of it.

The truth of what she reveals may just be the key to connecting all of the dots needed to find Bryce’s stalker. But how would this be related to his personal life. Someone from his past? An old patient? His wife maybe? Will they be able to get her to bring her memories to the forefront and reveal what really is or has happened?

A good, fast paced thriller. It was a fast, easy read and I enjoyed reading about Max being treated as a child having to share time between mom and dad. Thank you to the author, Lee Maguire and to TCK Publishing for the free novel to read and review. I look forward to seeing what Dr. Bryce Davison runs into next.

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