The Mourning Report by Caitlin Garvey

This was a very eye opening novel on the different ways we can perceive death, and grief and loss. I found it intriguing how Caitlin tried to hang onto the memories of her mother by talking to others who had a hand in helping her mother during and after her passing of cancer. I would have never thought to have done this, and to get these different perspectives and point of views.

Losing someone is never easy, even if they’ve been fighting the battle more months or years and hospice and medical personnel have told you the months, days, and hours that are left – it is not something anyone can prepare for. Once someone passes, there is this void and hole, in understanding how to move on, how to live life and the guilt that seeps in.

I really enjoyed reading about this life event of Caitlin’s and how she tried to move on, and adjust to a new life, and work to now be someone without her mother. There is no right or wrong way to do this, and Caitlin’s path was an interesting way to read about how someone else has coped with the death of a loved one, and the various ways they reached out to try and find closure.

Thank you to Homebound Publications for the arc, and to the author Caitlin for being brave enough to share her story for others to feel with, learn from and connect with. This was a very well written, story. I think this novel will bring comfort to others, as well as a potentially new concept in a way to help with picking the pieces of your life back up after such a loss.

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