Three Single Wives by Gina LaManna

A night out at a girlfriends house for bookclub – bookclub with an actual author, some wine, and talk of how you’d murder your husband if it came down to it… what is so bad about this? It’s bookclub after all, lots of fictional things are talked about. Well, when one of the husbands does end up dead and evidence is continuing to point in the direction of anyone of you, who is the real killer and why?

The story is told through the different women’s view points, and the court room transcripts of each one of them being interrogated on the stand of what happened that night, how the talk of murdering husbands came up and why they are not the killer. All three women at some point have come into the life of the murdered and the unraveling of how and why is a fast paced read.

As each woman’s story is told, each one does seem to have a reason to want to murder this man. It is the unraveling of who could actually go that far to follow through with it, and how they managed to do this when evidence is can be linked back to each one. This story keeps you hanging on until the very end.

Thank you to Source Books for the early read, I really enjoyed this thriller and will be looking for more books by Gina Lamanna. It was a very fast paced read, and I really enjoyed that the author dangled the court transcripts in between each chapter. It made the story more interesting, and when you’d think one had the motive and guts to follow through, the court then makes you re-evaluate your thought on who did it.

~ Goodreads – About the Author~

Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Gina LaManna has also called Italy and Los Angeles home. After studying numbers and equations in college, she realized multiple choice tests were “just not for her” and began writing books instead. She loves cappuccino foam and whipped cream and would subsist solely on sprinkles if possible. She currently lives in St. Paul with her wonderful husband and family.

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