She Wouldn’t Change a Thing by Sarah Adlakha

This was a good mind bend novel! Maria Forssman has a patient warn her of a horrendous act that is to happen, and she knew things no one else knew. Maria, a bit rattled tries to rationalize this patients actions with a diagnosis of a type of schizophrenia, that is the only thing that makes […]

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Sunrise by Susan May Warren

I love reading about Alaska and this is one to add to that pile. Dodge is back home after this father had a close accident on his last flight. Having left home with lots of loose ends he is unsure about being back, but he has beat himself up over the last few years and […]

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The Orphan House by Ann Bennett

Connie and Evie Burroughs were raised alongside many other children, her father ran what was known as The Orphan House. They never turned anyone away, and often her father found homes for the numerous babies left on their doorsteps. How a mother could do this, Connie had always questioned. It was a tough upbringing and […]

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