The Guilty Die Twice by Don Hartshorn

The two Lynch brothers could not be more opposite! One is living paycheck to paycheck, doing tons of pro bono cases, with a baby on the way and an unhappy wife who is afraid the lights might not turn on the next day. The other is a wealthy district attorney who is lavishing in his wealth and doesn’t have to think twice about money. Wives, sister and mom have all attempted to tame the feud between them, but at this point it is all within their beliefs of the death penalty!

Three wealthy college boys are shot in a car late one night and it almost appears to be a robbery gone bad. But one of the boys survives, paralyzed but he is alive and therefore a witness as he was there in the midst of it all. What happened? Who’s to blame and what were they doing there anyway?

The police do not take long to pick up two people they suspect were part of what happened, but there is a third part of the wheel they don’t know about. The case has moved quickly and as with every court case, two lawyers will be facing off – and it’s none other than the two Lynch brothers. One for the state and one for the culprits. With the death penalty on the table – can the two put their beliefs aside to prove their side of reasonable doubt to the judge and jury or will their hot headed beliefs and past feuds come out in court?

I want to thank TCK Publishing for the free book. This was a very good court thriller read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the two characters being brothers and facing off against each other in court both with their belief of the death penalty being good or bad, and each view point on it through the case.

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