The Secret Eye by Brad Hanson

The Secret Eye by Brad Hanson Publication Date: September 2, 2021 Genre: Historical Fiction Charlie Brand, barely 17, enters World War II where he protects the fleet from Japanese threats in this new novel about the history of radar in World War II. Charlie Brand joined the Navy to avenge Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor […]

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Woman on Fire by Lisa Baar

It is still so unfathomable to think of everything that happened during WWII. This novel takes us inside the art world of the Nazi’s and current day as families are still fighting to get their rightfully owned art back from when it was taken from them over 80 years ago! Following various characters, this novel […]

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The Seer by Eva Shaw

Beatrix is as the book is titled, The Seer- one who sees all. She is good at what she does and some believe her facade and that she really is a seer and others tote that she is a fraud and only out to take people’s money by using their emotions and grief. She has […]

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