Come Down Somewhere by Jennifer L Wright

Such an interesting read! I had no idea about all of this happening during and after WWII in New Mexico. Based on the true happenings of very secrets high level military testing happening on land in New Mexico during the war, this novel follows two girls who came from different backgrounds but both had connections […]

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Sunburst by Susan May Warren

I really love these series, where each book is the storyline of a different family member than the last. This novel focuses on the son Ranger Kingston. Ranger is one of three boys, a set of triplets and his life focus has always been a Navy SEAL. He has lived and breathed this life until […]

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The Return by Nicholas Sparks

For those who like a good heartfelt novel, with a sprinkle of romance – then this is your Nicholas Sparks novel to read. I am not a huge romance, perfect love story reader but this was just the perfect balance for me to enjoy and root for a happy ending. Trevor, in between careers and […]

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