The Therapist by B. A. Paris

Alice has just moved in with her boyfriend, into a gate community where he got a pretty good deal, as it was on the market for a while. It’s safe being in a gated community, everyone seems pretty friendly for the most part, and Leo has already done some minor changes to the upstairs to […]

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The Damage – Caitlin Wahrer

This was such a great thriller! A whodunit that kept you wondering as the storyline unfolded. The author wrote the storyline from various characters as well as from the viewpoint of after and during. A young man was assaulted one night, after going to a hotel with someone from a bar. He just wants to […]

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The Suspect by Fiona Barton

I LOVE Fiona’s novels! They are such good psychological reads. You just never know what twist she is going to throw in the storyline. This is her third novel, and is just as good as the first two. This is a novel of a parents worse nightmare. Your young adult child goes on vacation with […]

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