Iron & Fire by Kerrin Willis

“The problem isn’t Indian or English, Verity thought for the hundredth time that day. The problem is man’s unwillingness to recognize himself in another.” – Kerrin Willis. What a powerful line, that holds true with things happening in the world right now – war. I loved this novel! I had no idea about King Philips […]

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Burning Ground by D. A. Galloway

Graham Davidson grows up during the 1960’s and 70’s- they seemed to have the perfect middle class family. Brothers, a sister- father worked, mother volunteered-dad upgraded the vehicle to one with power steering, and they had dinner as a family at night. But tragedy after tragedy struck this poor family and often Graham questioned why […]

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A Healing Touch by Liz Arnold

This was such a good novel! Anyone who was a fan of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman needs to read this book, it took me right back to that show from my childhood. Molly Hilliard stayed behind when her family headed west to get out of the crowded city. She had the chance to apprentice under […]

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