Iron & Fire by Kerrin Willis

“The problem isn’t Indian or English, Verity thought for the hundredth time that day. The problem is man’s unwillingness to recognize himself in another.” – Kerrin Willis. What a powerful line, that holds true with things happening in the world right now – war. I loved this novel! I had no idea about King Philips […]

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The Apology Box by Naomi Ulsted

Review: I really enjoyed reading Tessa’s story! We’ve almost all been a dumb teenager at some point; made a reckless decisions, went along with the crowd, or just wasn’t thinking. This is Tessa- she made a mistake and now has to atone her actions with the consequences of making a bad decision. That is all […]

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Down A Dark River by Karen Odden

Senior Inspector Micheal Corravan has been handed a case of a murdered woman found floating in a boat on the Thames river. This case is to take priority and Michael will surely be under scrutiny during the whole investigation. Having to hand off his case of a missing wife, Michael heads the Yard in hopes […]

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