A Life Renewed by Olivia Rae

I have started to read more historical fiction from this time and I am finding it very fascinating as I am better understanding titles, rulings and how very different life was during these times.  Read an excerpt below: A wide smile sprung forth on Prince von Hoffbauer’s face. He picked up two cups of milk and […]

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Meriden Park by Julie Daines

This one sounds so good! A dangerous romance, forest of secrets, and murder! I love a good mystery wrapped in historical fiction. Peek inside with the excerpt below. Excerpt:     Mary lowered her eyes as she walked along the great hall filled with portraits of stern- looking men all frowning down upon her. Angrezi sahib—English gentlemen. She need […]

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The Myrtle Wand by Margaret Porter

Excerpt: The following afternoon, the young woman newly named Marie-Thérèse bade farewell to her father and her country and was escorted over the border by her bridegroom and his mother. So began her permanent exile from the life and land she’d always known. Only five of her fellow Spaniards would accompany into French territory—a confessor […]

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Shoal Waters by Normandie Fischer

Excerpt: Georgina, Chapter 2 Quiet pervaded the Beaufort waterfront, except for the occasional squawk of agull or the plop of a fish. Sunshine doused Georgie’s bones in a warmth that foughtoff all her old-person aches. Fighting off was good because, honey, those acheswere just part of what had worry settling in. Sometimes it was there, […]

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