The Lady of Galway Manor by Jennifer Deibel

Lady Annabeth’s father has been appointed landlord of Galoway Parish in Ireland – not quite the position he wanted but it is where he was told to relocate so here the De Lacy’s family are. Quite out of their element in this new place but Annabeth is excited to have convinced her father to allow […]

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The Apology Box by Naomi Ulsted

Review: I really enjoyed reading Tessa’s story! We’ve almost all been a dumb teenager at some point; made a reckless decisions, went along with the crowd, or just wasn’t thinking. This is Tessa- she made a mistake and now has to atone her actions with the consequences of making a bad decision. That is all […]

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Fiery Girls by Heather Wardell

Two different girls come to America for a better life and to work to better their families lives. Told from the view point of Rosie an immigrant from Russia, and Maria an immigrant from Italy, these two girls along with thousands of others who passed through immigration on Ellis Island lived very similar but different […]

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Not My Boy by Kelly Simmons

Hannah moves into a cute little cottage right next door to her sisters house, in a quite nice neighborhood. Or so it seems. It is quiet, there are woods and so far everyone seems to either know everyone and get alone or they stuck to themselves. Their mother also just lives a little ways over, […]

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