The Irish Fiasco by Geoff Quaife

Mid-Seventeenth century investigator Luke Tremayne has been summoned to Cromwell. He has just been handed a new assignment, find out who murdered the Colonel Angus McGregor. He has been murdered well away from his normal post and with him is an unexpected amount treasure. Treasure that he also now is in charge of to use […]

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Wiving by Caitlin Myer

This novel was so eye opening! We sadly do still live in a man’s world, and this novel solidifies that. Caitlin learned quickly very early on that things are not said aloud, or are talked about behind closed doors and nothing further is done about what’s happened and how to stop it going forward. I […]

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Bay of Blood by A. M. Potter

Thom Tyler is murdered in the Georgian Bay, Canada. But he isn’t just another name, he is a well- known world-renowned painter with no enemies. So who would murder him and why? Detective Sergeant Eva Naslund lands the case and has to work with a team from OPP to solve this case, and at first, […]

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