The Unveiling of Polly Forrest

Personal Review: Sarah has always had to watch out for her little sister, Polly – the Pretty Polly and once again in her life she feels that all she is doing is looking out for Polly and she has her own household to run, and church being the pastors wife. Polly it seemed was always […]

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Until Next Sunday by Audry Fryer

~Personal Review~ I love reading novels that are based on true stories, people and places. Until Next Sunday is the story of two young adults learning what it means to trust and fall in love with someone when it seems the universe is working against them. Rosina has come to American for a better life, […]

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Mustique Island by Sarah McCoy

This is a good summer read! The island, the plants, the parties, the water, and the secrets. Willie May is trying to decide the next phase of her life when she gets invited to come to Mustique Island. She has sailed the world, her girls are grown and living their own lives and her ex-husband […]

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