Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon

This was a good think outside of the box mystery. Pathologist Grace feels she is recognizing a pattern amongst deaths of some elderly residence. Everyone just shrugs their shoulders and blames old age and the heart giving out for the deaths but something is off. When she goes out on a limb while doing the autopsies and finds a common seed in the stomach of more than one her suspicion goes on high alert. What are the odds that more than one person died with a sunflower seed in their stomach. Bound and determined to find out what is happening, Grace becomes a target herself while others still believe she is just reading into things. Bound to found out the truth, Grace does not stop and no one will stop her either. I really enjoyed the storyline on this one, and it was a different way to write the mystery. It was not at all predictable and I kept wondering myself how the truth of what happened to these elderly residents was. I will be looking to read the others in this series and also to see where this series goes in the future.

Thank you to the author and to the Revell blogger program for the free novel.

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