The Lost Melody by Joanna Davidson Politano

I love how lyrically the author wrote this novel!  I loved the history, the storyline and the main character. Vivienne’s father has died and left her in the care of an adult ward as women during this time could not make decisions for themselves. Being strong minded, Vivienne doesn’t always follow what she is told she needs to do and finds herself trying to unravel a mystery found out during her father’s estate was being sorted out. A portrait of a women, music only it seems she can hear and an asylum that swears they have no idea what she is inquiring about, there is no such record or patient there. Bound to find out the truth, she does the unthinkable but gets herself in deeper than planned and has really lost all control over the outcome of her life. Still determined to get to the bottom of things, Vivienne agrees to a scheme but little does she know that this was planned long before she agreed to it. Such a well written novel and the author did an amazing job typing music through the storyline. You felt like you were part of a performance through it all and just waiting for that crescendo at the end, to release your breath.

Thank you to the author and the Revell blogger program for the free novel, I will be searching out more of her novels!

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