Sunburst by Susan May Warren

I really love these series, where each book is the storyline of a different family member than the last. This novel focuses on the son Ranger Kingston. Ranger is one of three boys, a set of triplets and his life focus has always been a Navy SEAL. He has lived and breathed this life until being given some devastating news that he himself cannot come to terms with. While trying to figure out life, his brother calls him to help with a rescue mission in Nigeria and an unexpected person from his past is thrown unexpectedly into his life and he has to come to terms with all that has and is happening.

The author does such a great job of making these novels stand alone reads, and yet the series flows together from book to book. I also love how she does not saturate the novel with too much background from the previous novel, but enough to give that memory a jog from the last book. I completely had forgotten about the one character and storyline from the last novel, so I am VERY curious to see where that leads to next. I also love the depth in which she writes the scenes of Alaska and the mission. It is not convoluted and you feel like you are there living it.

Thank you to the author and Revell Publishing for the free novel through the blogger program. I cannot wait to see what the next Sky King Ranch novel brings.

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