The Secret Field by Susan Dennis

This novel was a tangled web of diverse characters that I would have never cast together, and a mess of finger pointing but it all fit together and made for a few laughs and the thriller of trying to figure out what is happening. Kari has a mess of a life she is trying to piece back together and as she is finally starting to let her guard slowly down, it seems one thing after another is happening and pushing her further and further out of her comfort zone and the normal life she tried creating for herself. Having put her mother in an institution and buying herself a little house and piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, she thought she could retreat into herself and be left alone for once. But life had other plans, as well as the very diverse characters she gets acquainted with. Not any fault of her own, but Kari’s house may no longer be that safe piece of haven and now she is fighting to keep what she has worked so hard to obtain. But someone has another agenda in mind, and it all lies in historic gossip that may not even hold true from when her piece of land was part of a large plantation, and a mysterious photo of coin so rare, that its worth is not even calculable. Tons of strange acting cats have been on her property, her mother gets dumped on her doorstep, and an unexpected roommate has also wound himself into her life, on the brink of a break down Kari no longer knows what is truth, what is fiction and who to trust. One of my favorite lines in this novel is a theme throughout.

“The ignorant are always cock sure, but the intelligent are filled with doubt.” – Susan Dennis.

Thank you to the author for the free novel and Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite, I enjoyed the mishmash of characters that helped play out this novel.

Release Date: April 1, 2022

~About The Book~

A heart-pounding race for home and treasure.

Kari Bell is a hard core loner. Her debilitating panic attacks have her dependent on potions, salves and thunder shirts for humans. She is summoned to a childhood home to bury her father and conceal her mother’s bloody secret. After that trauma, she buys a rundown ranch house surrounded by pasture and woodland at the end of an isolated rural road. Her two corgis and a Siamese cat are her world. In a single nightly dog walk, her fragile state of calm is gutted.

Set in an historic gossipy town whose glory days are behind it, Kari Bell’s homestead is on land that was once part of a grand plantation. Reggie Raintree, the last Raintree Plantation heir, has returned on a mission to locate and excavate ancient gold hidden somewhere on his family’s remaining acreage. All maps, however, appear to point to Kari’s little plot. Raintree wants it back.

In search of a mate, he posts an ad on a foreign bride website with the headline, “Looking for Love and Treasure.” He includes photos of an intriguing gold coin, but it’s not just any coin. It’s a coin so rare collectors call it, The Lost Love Coin. If authentic, its value is incalculable. Raintree and his Russian bride will stop at nothing to force Kari out. They bribe local officials, unleash mad dogs and cats to stalk her, steal her beloved Corgi and take her to court.

Kari must shed her loner skin, sleep with a gun next to her serenity candle and fight for what feels like home for the first time in her life all while looking for The Lost Love Coin.

In this woman’s story with a suspenseful backbone the twists are only matched by the secrets they reveal.

~About The Author~

Susan Dennis lives in North Carolina and runs a management consultancy supporting public health research. In 2021, she published a memoir about her life and marriage to the photographer Charles Dennis titled, The Swing – A Muse’s Memoir About Keeping The Artist Alive. Her first novel, The Secret Field, is available April 1 2022. Further information about her books and Charles’ legacy can be found at

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~Book Blurbs~

Praise for THE SWING, also by Susan Dennis

“An exquisite memoir of the joys and complications of loving a dying artist. Captivating. Charming. Brilliant.” Independent Book Review

“Susan Dennis truly outdid herself with this brilliant memoir.” Readers’ Favorite

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