All That Fills Us by Autumn Lytle

All That Fills Us is an amazing title for this story. Mel has an eating disorder that has ruined her life, she knows this but she also knows that she is still struggling and she will get there, but with time. Nothing anyone can say or do will change things for her, she has to change them for herself. Setting out on a journey to find herself and accomplish something in her life, Mel meets many different people along the way. She also learns that these people also have things they are struggle with in life, and they offer her different perspectives and outlooks she may not have otherwise thought of or realized. Bound to do this for herself, this journey takes her across a lesser known trail along the western US, her end goal being Mount Rainier.

This was an in-depth look at how mentally an eating disorder can take over every waking thought and day of someone. I really did not have any idea or understanding of how in control this disorder can be, and it was really eye opening to read about the struggles of someone and how hard it is each day for them during meal time. Very good read for anyone who would like to understand better eating disorders, while reading a good fictional story. Thank you to Revell Publishing for the free novel, and the author for being willing to write about something so personal for others to learn about.

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