Thoughts & Prayers by Lee Anne Post

A very hot topic in the US right now- school shootings. This novel follows various characters of a school shooting and gives different perspectives of the shooting as well as the aftermath of it all. Although this is a very scary topic to think about, this novel encompasses what a school shooting does to a community. It is not just the kids that are affected, but this spiderwebs out to parents, teachers, counselors, hospital staff, the police force as well as the gun activists, government leaders and lately the President of the US calling for changes- but it seems nothing gets changed. 

This novel follows a nurse who is directly involved and connected to someone who perishes in the shooting, a father who is a police officer that helps get students out in the midst of the shooting, and a few of the students who came face to face with the shooter and after-affect of his actions. I thought this was very well written in that it did not get too dark, but it brought up the various different topics and sides of when a school shooting happens. School shootings started happening right after I left high school, so I do not know the fear these kids have but I do know the fear as a parent that I have of this happening in my community. 

Thank you to the author for the free autographed novel, and the Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite.

Release Date: October 26,2021

About The Book:

When Lily Jeong—smothered by her parents and ignored by classmates—unwittingly aids her boyfriend in a school shooting, she struggles to hide her complicity from investigators. Forced to face the devastated survivors, she hides in plain sight as their grief turns to vengeance.

About The Author:

Lee Anne Post is the pen name for co-authors Catherine Baldau, Tara Bell, Ginny Fite, and K.P. Robbins. Stories by these award-winning authors have appeared in numerous journals and individually they have published nine novels. They have worked as reporters and editors, in politics and philanthropy, and in advertising and educational institutions. Having met in a writer’s critique group for over five years, they were spurred by their collective grief and then admiration as they watched Parkland students deal with the aftermath of that shooting.

Author Websites:

Ginny Fite

KP Robbins

Catherine Bald Au

Tara Bell

Social Media:



Twitter: @unwrinkledbrain  @CBaldau @Ta1515dream

Book Blurbs: 

“One of the best books I’ve read on this topic, and I’ve read A LOT.”

“I hung onto every word. I cried, I empathized with these characters. Each character so different, and grieving in their own ways. This book was powerful, emotional, and heavy. It’s also something I hope everyone will read… Bravo to the author for giving such a gut wrenching look into a subject that’s so hard to think about.”

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