The Catch by Lisa Harris (Us Marshals #3)

I just love these suspense novels that Revell publishes. Lisa Harris does it again, in the third US Marshalls book. An attempt of murder on a judge’s life, his wife is murdered and they have a missing woman and baby that may or may not be connected to all of this. This one had a lot of storylines but it just flowed and everything all weaved together in the end.

US Marshals Madison James and Jonas Quinn are put on this case and things only seem to get stranger and stranger as they try to unravel the pieces and characters. Just when they think they have a lead, another shooting or situation arises that they have to respond to and it does not take long for them to become target as well. Jonas and Madison need to keep focused on the case without letting feelings or the past interfere until the time is right.

This was a great fast paced thriller that started hot from page one and did not end until the very last page. I love how the author weaves past storylines and characters into the novels but also makes them readable as a standalone. This novel had lots of twists, and the author did a great job at bringing it all together and connecting all the dots as it all untangled.

Thank you to the Revell Blogger program and the author the free novel. These are really good in-between novels to read when I want a little excitement and break from the historical reads.

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