Dear Inmate (Paddy #2) by Lisa Boyle

This novel is the continuation of the Dear Paddy series, and the story line just flows right from the first book! Rosaleen and Emmett are still trying to make things fair and right for the Irish and the Blacks but many are against these immigrants and slaves and will do nothing to keep these people under them. But enough is enough when Rosaleen finds out the truth about those who get sent to the jail, whether they truly committed a crime or not and the strikes are causing quite the stir even though it is hurting many of those families to be off of work. Something needs to change and the rich owners losing money is the only thing that seems to get their attention, not even death or injuries of workers. Emmett and Rosaleen might have signed up for more than they realized, but they are determined to do whatever it will take to get things to change for the better and for everyone. I just love these characters and I have learned a lot about the Irish immigrants and had no idea this was happening to them after they came to America. I cannot wait to see where the story for Rosaleen and Emmett goes next.

Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite, I have found a new author! Also thank you to the author for the autographed books, these will get shelved with the other autographed novels I have!

~About The Book~

Massachusetts, 1854. The anti-foreigner American Party, better known as the “Know-Nothings,” take power throughout the state. The city of Lowell elects Leonard Ward, a member of the party, as its mayor. Suddenly the “Know-Nothings” are everywhere. And they’re going after the Irish.  

Rosaleen is ready to fight back. Emboldened by strange conspiracies about the Catholic Church, violent mobs and corrupt government officials are making life nearly unbearable for her people. Lowell’s newly formed police department is committed to ridding the streets of “Irish filth,” beating and arresting anyone who crosses them. When Rosaleen uncovers a horrific truth, it will test her in ways she could never have imagined.

Targeted by dangerous opposition, she needs help. But are her friends as loyal as she believes?

~About The Author~

Lisa Boyle has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Born and raised in Finksburg, Maryland, Lisa received a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. As part of her college program, Lisa traveled the Middle East and spent two months reporting on political and human-interest stories. She has been published in various online magazines, and has held many different jobs over the years from cheesemonger, to educator at the U.S.S. Constitution Museum. Lisa and her husband Tim live in North Carolina with their daughter and a goofy-looking mutt named Lloyd.

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Twitter: @LisaBoyleWrites

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