Shapeshifting by Michelle Ross

If you need something to pick up for just a few minutes but still feel like you’ve deep dived and thought about something- then this is your book. Fourteen short stories that Michelle has compiled about the struggles of motherhood and the female life. Motherhood isn’t all roses and at times it can be downright frustrating, scary and hard. This novel gives you sanity in that you are not alone and that someone else feels the way you have at times as well.

This is a nice in between novel in that you can pick it up, read a story or two and put it back down until you have another few minutes to yourself or if you want something to ease your night. I enjoyed these stories and did resonate with quite a few of them. I also love how Michelle uses her words and expressions to explain these stories.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for the invite and the author for sending me a free autographed copy- this one will go on the bookcase with all of my other autographed novels. This is one, I could see myself reading again and finding some tidbit I missed the first time I read through them.

~ Goodreads – About the Author ~

Michelle Ross is the author of the story collections There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You, winner of the 2016 Moon City Short Fiction Award, and Shapeshifting, winner of the 2020 Stillhouse Press Short Fiction Award (November 2021). Her third story collection They Kept Running won the 2021 Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction and is forthcoming in Spring 2022. Her fiction has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Colorado Review, Electric Literature, Witness, and many other venues. Her work is included in Best Small Fictions, Best Microfiction, and the Wigleaf Top 50, among other anthologies. She is fiction editor of Atticus Review.

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