Sometimes A Soldier Comes Home by Jessica Ciosek

Eleanor Mitchell has also become a war wife, like many other of her friends have been. She was one of the lucky ones, so they say, since Roger was drafted late in the war and there is hope he will be gone less than a year. With the help of her sisters and mother, Eleanor gets into the roll of running the household completely on her own. The kids are big helpers and she is positive that soon the war will be over and Roger will be back home like nothing happened.

Roger gets leave for the holiday and the family celebrates the few days he has with them, as well as getting excited for the bundle to come. Although it feels like she just let him go, and she has to do it already. How cruel this war is, but there is rumblings of it being close to being over. Months later with the announcement of the war being over, relief settles in but not for long when Eleanor gets a knock at her door and her life takes another change.

This was an interesting read in that the author did a great focus on what life was like back home for the wives left behind to take it all on, meanwhile still living very much in a man’s world. Often the women were not thought about, and all they had to do and then all they had to pick up when sadly their husbands did not make it back home. Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite and the author for the free book.

~About The Book~

When Eleanor Mitchell’s husband is called to the fight late in WWII, she is beside herself with fear but feels equally determined to stay strong. With her sisters to aid her, she sees to caring for her children and keeping life steady on the home front. Then, in the days immediately following victory, the unthinkable happens and Eleanor must figure out how to carry on without the man she loves. Until the day he returns.   

Sometimes A Soldier Comes Home is a heartbreaking story of love, loss and the strength of women set on the American home front during WWII.  Perfect for lovers of The Nightingale and Cold Mountain.

~Book Blurbs~

In this supernatural drama, a woman’s husband is killed in World War II, which changes her life in unexpected ways.

The author injects this otherwise familiar tale with an unusual element of mysticism when, in the aftermath of his death, Eleanor and the kids get an unusual opportunity to find some measure of emotional closure. Over the course of this historical novel of wartime, the author intelligently captures the terrible challenges that face Eleanor before and after her husband’s death. – Kirkus excerpts

~About The Author~

Jessica Ciosek was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, but has lived in NYC for over half her life. Together with her husband, she has raised two children and a multitude of fur creatures in the Big Apple.

Sometimes a Soldier Comes Home is her debut novel.  The novel is loosely based on the lives of her beloved grandparents during and just after the second world war.  Her stories, essays and articles have appeared in several small journals, magazines and around the web.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Jessica worked at various occupations – too many to list here – before realizing writer is the role that suits her best.  

When not writing, she enjoys running along the mighty Hudson River, biking on the vast network of rail- to-trails in the Northeast, reading, cooking, baking, and taking photos of her beloved city.

Her last name is pronounced:  sea-o-sick

Jessica Ciosek

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