The Orphan House by Ann Bennett

Connie and Evie Burroughs were raised alongside many other children, her father ran what was known as The Orphan House. They never turned anyone away, and often her father found homes for the numerous babies left on their doorsteps. How a mother could do this, Connie had always questioned. It was a tough upbringing and the two girls eventually became teachers and then lived the rest of their lives out in Cedar Hall, the home behind where the orphanage used to reside. Her sister has passed and now she is the only left to keep the secrets.

Sarah’s life has abruptly changed course after finding out her husband was doing some shady business deals and cheating on her with another co-worker. She is wanting to start new and fresh and strengthen the relationship with her father. Her father has always struggled with the fact that he was an orphan and wants to find out who he really is before his time is up, so she decides to dive into the search as well.

After having exhausted various agencies and hitting brick walls with old records either being lost or unknown Sarah decides to try and confront the one person who might still have the knowledge of her fathers background – Connie Burroughs. Her father at one time did attempt to talk to the sisters but he was turned away and told to never reach out again. Now it’s only Connie and Sarah has a feeling that she knows more than she is letting on, will Connie be able to come to terms with the secrets she’s held all of these decades and finally tell someone the truth of the orphan house.

Thank you to Forever Publishing for the free book. This was a really great historical read and loosely based on true places and events makes it that much more interesting. I love how the author brought the present and past all together in this one.

~ Bookbub – About the Author ~

Ann Bennett writes historical fiction, mainly about the second world war in South East Asia. Her writing was originally inspired by researching her father’s experience as prisoner of war if the Japanese on the Thai-Burma Railway. Her books include A Daughter’s Quest (originally published as Bamboo Heart), Bamboo Island, Bamboo Road, The Foundling’s Daughter and A Daughter’s Promise.

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