The Apology Box by Naomi Ulsted


I really enjoyed reading Tessa’s story! We’ve almost all been a dumb teenager at some point; made a reckless decisions, went along with the crowd, or just wasn’t thinking. This is Tessa- she made a mistake and now has to atone her actions with the consequences of making a bad decision. That is all it took to burn down acres of forest, houses and businesses.

This novel follows Tessa’s journey into redemption and forgiveness for that split second decision and slowly grows in the process. She takes her punishment as an adult and does what she is given for punishment- most don’t think it is enough, but they also do not realize that Tessa’s guilt is punishment all in itself and the punishment she puts on herself is more than anyone can put on her.

Part of her sentencing is community service, although she had already been working at a nursing home she has grown close to one of the residents and is also getting to put her hours towards her community services hours. As she grows closer to Effby she learns that she has also made a mistake at one time in her life and Tessa gives herself another goal to complete.

Thank you to The Book Review Crew for the invite and the author for the free ebook. I really thought this was a great read and reminded me a lot of the novel, The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers. I would recommend that read to anyone who liked The Apology Box and is looking for another similar read.


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