The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

I think this is my favorite of his so far! Most, if not all of us have at some point gone to some sort of summer or overnight camp, in the woods with others our age. What happened if your cabin mates went missing, and were never found again? You were the last person to see them leave the cabin and everyone is expecting you to have the answers. To know why they left, what they were doing and where they went.

Emma has lived this nightmare over and over again, since it has happened fifteen years ago. She is an artist and all of her work is scenes of the forest, of the girls, of the darkness they left into. Her work has gotten noticed and people love the gallery and series she has created. But she has hit a blank wall, she has no drive to paint, no motivation and nothing comes to her.

She then gets an invite to come back to the camp. Yes- come back to the camp as a painting instructor. It is the first time since the girls went missing that the camp is opening back up. Can Emma go back? Maybe it will give her drive, motivation or creativity to paint again. But she also has a different agenda this time- she is going to try and solve what happened to her cabin mates, once and for all.

This was such a good edge of the seat thriller! It brought back many memories of when I went to camp through school and just how something like this could easily happen. Another great BOTM pick!

~ Books by Riley Sager ~

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