Unsettled Shores by Kelsey Gietl (~Hope or High Water – War Across Waters Book 2~)

Amara and Emil recently married and moved north to start over when Amara receives some letters from her brother who is fighting in the Great War, and there has been no word for months. Now he is asking her to come over there and bring him back to America. Amara knows that they must leave immediately and he needs her help. He has always done his best to save her, now it is her turn to save him.

Emil is uncertain, it’s risky and cannot quite come to terms with boarding a boat to head to another country with it being in the midst of war, he understands her brother needs help but maybe they need to find out more information first. Amara convinces him that they need to leave as soon as possible, there is not time to waste. Knowing these letters are old, Amara holds her breath in hoping they’ll find her brother.

As the search to find Peter ensues, the two are in the midst of the war. Air-raids are happening and it seems that they are always late to getting to the last place he was known to be. Emil is worried that his initial instinct was right, and they should just head back to America- they cannot waste much more time and what if they cannot get back. But just as he is about to give up, they finally get a lead.

This lead takes them into the side of the war they had no idea existed. It is no longer the two of them and her brother they are trying to keep safe. An unexpected person from Amara’s past may be the answer and help they need, but if he is still who he was, there is no way he would help her but this is their only lifeline currently. Amara with the help of a few others in their little network, does the unthinkable to save her brother and her husband. She faces her past with a new found strength that is what just might save them all.

Thank you to the author for sending me a free copy of her book, I loved this story and will be looking to read the others she has published. This novel taught me a lot about WWI that I did not know happen, I thought a lot of these things only happened in WWII.

~ Goodreads – About the Author ~

Kelsey Gietl is the author of the Over the Atlanticand the War Across Waters historical fiction series. Her novels stem from her belief that the present reflects the past, and always involve a healthy dose of romance and a dash of intrigue. 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, she grew up with a love of books and excessive use of her library card. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Graphic Design from Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, and has made a career in fields from event planning and proposal writing to product management and communications. 

Kelsey Gietl

~ Other Novels by the Author ~

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