Serious Little Catholics – A Memoir by Kathy Gereau

This was a perfect, light-hearted giggle read! This novel also brought back many memories of when I was a child in a private school. I went to a Lutheran school, a little different in strictness but still very many of the same things. I think the main difference was we did not have nuns teaching us, but we still had the fear of God and the fear of the devil put into our beliefs daily. I had to chuckle at quite a few chapters, in remembering how that part of the Bible was taught to us, and all too similar.

Kathy did a great job in telling her story from the perspective of an innocent child still learning about the world. I loved that she made it an entertaining read, while showing how private school really is. I remember fearing that anything I did, was a sin as well and everything revolved around church. I do have lots of good memories of that time, but those who never attended private school really have no idea how different it really is.

I would highly suggest this to anyone who loved Glass Castle or To the Moon and Back, this is a little more light hearted than those reads but still along the same lines of what life was like growing up in a family of kids and sometimes questionable parents. I really enjoyed this novel, the chapters were real short and often gave a good chuckle at the mindset of how an innocent child perceived things that were taught. That chapters were also very short, and this was a fast read.

Thank you to the author for the free novel and being brave enough to put it to print for us to resonate with! Thank you also to Suzy Approved Book Tours for the invite, I may not have found this book otherwise.

Goodreads ~ About the Author ~

Kathy Gereau was born into a family of natural storytellers in 1951. Her family soon moved from Washington, DC, to a small town in Illinois. After graduating from Northern Illinois University, she landed a special education teaching job in Galena, IL, where she currently lives. She retired at age fifty and began looking for her next passion. She joined a local writer’s group and began jotting down stories from her childhood. Encouraged by these supportive and accomplished writers, she decided to put her stories into a book. She currently resides in Galena, IL. 

Kathy Gereau

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