The Way It Should Be by Christina Suzann Nelson

This is the second novel of Christina Suzann Nelson’s that I have read, and both of them have been a one day read! Her writing is so fluid and I just want to know what happens next. I can’t put her books down, I have to know what happens and how things turn out!

Zara has what appears to be the perfect life. Newly married, a new farm house they are going to renovate, and her own business doing what she loves. Her upbringing was not ideal, but she has moved past that. She has a wonderful husband and life is everything she could have dreamed of until she gets some medical tests back and a letter about a niece and nephew she did not know existed.

Eve has struggled her own life, she has done what she has felt she needed to do for her kids and this may be the last straw to get her to realize this is not a life, for her nor her kids to be growing up in. Her kids have been taken into state custody and she thankfully was found and taken to the hospital where she is healing and fighting a terrible withdrawal. This may just be rock bottom. Her kids were taken. But she has a savior who is willing to give it her all to help her, Tiff and Eve is not sure why.

Zara’s perfect world has been turned upside down. She is being asked to take her twin sisters two children as a foster parent. That is just until Eve can take them back. Can she do this? Zara feels overwhelmed and yet she is reminded of how these children did not have a choice in their situation, and that many people believe in her and Chad. They can do this, and they will not be alone. Is this what it will take for her to finally make amends with her sisters even though this seems to be under the worse of circumstances?

Thank you to the author, and Bethany House for the free novel. I loved this book! The author did an amazing job in writing and making us readers understand the hold and world of addiction some can get lost in, and they really are terrified or cannot get out. It is not as simple as we often think it is, to just give up an addiction.

The Way It Should Be

~ Goodreads – About the Author ~

Christina Suzann Nelson is a member of Oregon Christian Writers. Her essays have been published in the Cup of Comfort series. Nelson lives in Oregon’s Willamette Valley with her husband and four children.

Christina Suzann Nelson

~ Recommended Read ~

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