Matrimony, Inc. by Francesca Beauman

This was quite an eye opening on the history of romance, love, marriage, settlement, and overall history of how this all helped to shape the U.S. into what it is today. This was more than just a read about historical facts, it had interesting historical stories tied in with photos and newspaper clippings. The author did a really good job putting all of this together without it reading like a boring high school text book.

Love, marriage, courting, dating- not much has changed but yet a lot has changed. Humans have gone about love the same way for the last hundred plus years, it is just that manufacturing and technology has adjusted how exactly we find a mate. I was very surprised to read about some of the historical events that essentially were in part to blame for how marriages came about.

Romance adds are still around, they just are now printed on the internet instead of newspapers, or in apps. So it was intriguing to realize that humans are still using the same kind of means to find someone as a partner, we just are using the current available sources to achieve this. So lots has changed in how we find someone, but things are still the same in that we are still using some sort of add to do it.

Thank you to Wunderkind PR and Pegasus Books for the free book. I learned a lot about the history of finding a partner, and also learned a lot about the different historical events that pushed the adds and wanting or need for a partner for survival. It was also interesting to read about the different schemes and insurance fraud that came out back then already with not so honest people. This is a nice short book that can be read a chapter at a time, and put down and picked back up at a later time if needed.

~ Praise ~

Praise for MATRIMONY, INC.”Francesca’s book gives us a window into the history of the U.S. and the politics of how marriage shaped this country.  Fascinating, just like Francesca.”—Joey Soloway, creator of Transparent

“Francesca Beauman’s deep historical dive into a person’s most naked ask into the universe is hilarious and shocking and heartbreaking, and reveals through these incredible finds how the needs and expectations of what we look for in a mate have evolved, and what has stubbornly remained the same. You won’t be able to hear the phrase “swipe right” quite the same way again.”—Kathryn Hahn, actress and comedian

“Beauman has uncovered a treasure trove of fascinating detail. Matrimony Inc is the ultimate proof that we humans are fools for love. But also desperate, courageous, and occasionally lucky.”—Dr. Amanda Foreman, historian and international-bestselling author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

“Funny, outrageous, revealing, and heartbreaking, the personal ads in Beauman’s remarkable research illuminate the American experience brilliantly across hundreds of years and into the present. And her engaging voice makes it impossible to put Matrimony, Inc. down.”—Francesca Delbanco, creator of Netflix’s Friends From College

“Francesca Beauman writes with elegance, wit and profound intelligence. . . .  A joyous and clever read.”—Elizabeth Day, novelist and podcast host of How to Fail

“A fascinating, hilarious, and occasionally heartbreaking work of history, Francesca Beauman’s MATRIMONY, INC. takes a cultural artifact that seems so perishable — the personal ad — and rescues it from the scrap heap, drawing together a huge trove of these lonely-heart epistles to tell a larger story about social life in America . . . With wry wit and a trained eye for the absurd, Beauman is a companionable guide through two hundred and fifty years of single people boldly, hopefully, pathetically, comically seeking mates.”—Patrick Radden Keefe, staff writer at The New Yorker and author of Say Nothing

~ About the Author ~

About Francesca BeaumanAfter a decade as a T.V. host, Francesca Beauman is now a writer, historian and part-time bookseller at London’s most beautiful bookstore, Persephone Books. Francesca is the author of six books, including a history of the pineapple and a history of British personal ads. She also runs the popular book forum “Fran’s Book Shop” (@fransbookshop).Connect with Fran!

Author Website // Instagram // Twitter // Fran’s Book Shop

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