A Mother’s Tears: A Memoir by Dre Carlan

A well written novel about a family that came to the US as immigrants after Romania’s 1989 Revolution. Dre’s mother was quite the pillar of strength for everything she had gone through in life to then have to come to a brand new country and start all over. Gabby was brought up under a communist rule, and when her husband sent her to the US pregnant with Dre, she at first was in awe of this free country but soon missed her homeland.

Going back to Romania, Gabby and husband did ok as a family with a new child as well. But after the Revolution, they feared for their country and lives. Decisions were made, and Gabby was sent to the US ahead of her husband and son. As she already had the paperwork, since she had previously been there while pregnant just years earlier.

Once they were all reunited, life was strenuous. Both were found to have cancer and they now had a new fear of Dre being left parentless, in a new country where they did not have much family. As the family struggles with loss, Dre starts down a path with the wrong crowd.

Gabby, having overcome cancer is now often worried about her only son and his life spiraling out as he tries to learn and understand who he is and what he wants out of life. The two stick together, and rely on each other through out the hard times and the uncertain of time. Often when Dre is starting to question his choices in life, a mentor of some sort comes in and offers some words of support or encouragement.

As Dre finds himself, and his path in life his mother once again gets some bad news. The terrible, no cure cancer is back again! This diagnoses is different, in that Dre takes this to review his life so far, as well as all that his mother has been through and the lives they have made. It seems that often the places Dre was apart of, have changed or closed and he realizes that these were endings to parts of his life and with each one a new door has opened, and the best door of all is him deciding to sober up.

Thank you to Dre for reaching out to me, and sending me a heartfelt autographed copy of this novel! I really enjoyed reading about your mother and your hardships in life. There is always something to learn when reading about the things others have experiences and dealt with in life. I enjoyed this novel. It flowed well, and was a quick, easy read!

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Publish Year: 2020

Interview with Dre Carlan by New In Books

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