Wiving by Caitlin Myer

This novel was so eye opening! We sadly do still live in a man’s world, and this novel solidifies that. Caitlin learned quickly very early on that things are not said aloud, or are talked about behind closed doors and nothing further is done about what’s happened and how to stop it going forward.

I really give Caitlin a lot of courage for putting these words into print for others to know and understand they are not alone. They are not to carry that guilt or burden because they wore that sexy skirt, or walked home in the dark alone. That does not give anyone the right to take what they feel they can, without any recourse.

The #metoo movement is a huge step for women. To help empower us to no longer be afraid to keep it a secret, to not go to the police or hospital. But to make sure we are listened to, and let it be known this happens, and sadly to women every single day.

I want to thank the author for being courageous enough to show others they are not alone! To Mindbuck Media for sending me an ebook of a great eye opening memoir. This book releases today, go order your copy!

Publish Year: 2020

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Caitlin’s Website

About the Author

Caitlin Myer grew up in a half-finished mountainside house in Provo, Utah, the youngest of a chaotic family of six children, a poet mother, and an artist father. A lust to go as far and as fast as possible was born when she was nine years old and her father directed a six-month study abroad in France. She was a kid from the righteous nucleus of Mormonia, dropped into the middle of Paris with only a few words of French, a metro card, and vague directions for finding her way home. She fell in love and never recovered.

Myer left home and Mormonism at sixteen, returned at eighteen, left the church again at twenty, and moved away from Utah for good at twenty-two.

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