A Cowboy for Keeps by Laura Drake (ARC – Releases 7.28.2020)

I am not a romance reader, at all! But this novel is not really all romance and blushing scenes. Two strangers are brought together when their family members die in a car crash leaving a six month old baby an orphan. Can the two work together to raise this child, or will life be court rooms and shuffling back and forth between houses for the rest of this child’s life?

Loreli gets the worse call of her life. Her sister was in a vehicle accident and died, and there is now a six month old baby who was left behind- when can she come and potentially take the child? She cannot barley get past that her sister is no long alive, but that she had a baby also? How did Loreli not know this…

Reese, is now the only family he has. His twin brother was just killed in a vehicle accident and his parents both have passed already. He is on his own, and now the business is also his to step and run. He can’t believe it. How could Carson be gone? Just like that… Reese feels lost and not sure what life is about anymore until he catches wind that Carson had a baby. How the hell was he not notified of this? And where is this child? There is someone to now carry on the legacy, the farm! Reese starts the search for this child, no way will he let them be some orphan, he will step up and take full responsibility.

Just when Loreli is settling in with having a child to now care for everyday, a big shot oil cowboy comes into town wanting to know about Sawyer. He’s got looks, attitude, and money. Everyone knows he an outsider and soon words spreads of just who he is. Will Loreli get past her hard headedness and allow a man to help her raise Sawyer, and will Reese learn that money isn’t what makes a family or home? Can the two co-parent together to raise this child?

Like I said above, I am not a romance fan at all. But this hardly had that as the focus and the storyline was really good. This novel was the perfect balance of having some romance, but not over the top, fairyland perfect romance. I want to thank the author for reaching out to me about reading her books, and to Forever Publishing for send me a copy. I can see myself reading more of her novels when I am not in the mood for war or thriller reading.



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~Goodreads ~ About the Author~


Laura Drake is a city girl who never grew out of her tomboy ways or a serious cowboy crush. She writes Women’s Fiction and Romance.

Her pro bull riding series, Sweet on a Cowboy is published by Grand Central. The Sweet Spot ), Nothing Sweeter, and Sweet on You. The Sweet Spot won the 2014 RITA award for Best First Book.

Her Widow’s Grove small town series is published by Harlequin’s Superromance line. Her Road Home, Reasons to Stay, Twice in a Blue Moon, and Against the Odds.

She published her first women’s fiction, Days Made of Glass, December, 2015

NEW SERIES! The Chestnut Creek Series began with The Last True Cowboy, December 2018. Home at Chestnut Creek, July 2019, and Cowboy for Keeps, December 2019.

Laura finally realized a long time dream of moving to Texas, and is currently working on her accent. She gave up a Corporate CFO gig to write full time. She’s wife, grandmother and motorcycle chick in the remaining waking hours.

Laura’s Website

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